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Sunday, March 29, 2009


Wow... I can't believe we've been here for three months! It's been an interesting ride!

The snow has finally melted and the days are getting warmer. It's spring but seeing as how I've never really experienced spring I don't know what it's supposed to be like. haha. I've seen little signs of life in some plants, but almost all the trees are still barren. Charles and I were just talking the other day about how we'd really like to see some GREEN!!! The snow was beautiful, but I'm ready for some color in my life again! Hopefully soon!!!

Charles just finished his second phase of school. He got second in his class for the first phase, perfect attendance for both and we're still waiting to here how he did on his second final. I'm so proud of him! He's doing so well!!!

I have been working for PNC bank as a teller for almost 2 months now. It was very intimidating at first to be handling people's money all the time, but I got used to it pretty quick. I really do like it! I get to build relationships with the people I work with as well as with my regulars. It's fun to try and remember people and their names. I miss my regulars at LH and my coworkers there, but it's nice to be doing something different! Hopefully I'll be able to find something in Florida when we decide to head back. (Praying and believing that we will be heading back!!!)

Charles has been asked to help found the student chapter of the SAE. (standard for automotive excellence) This means that he could possibly go to automotive engineering school. We're really excited about that!! I'm so proud of him for stepping out and finding his niche!!! :0)

We miss our family and friends a whole bunch!!! My parents are coming up for easter (and our anniversary)... it will be SO great to see them!!!! I miss them tons!!! We are hoping that Charles' family can come up in the summer some time or that we could make it down to FL. It's hard for Charles to get off school. He's on spring break right now but even that only lasts 3 days plus the weekend.

So, we just moved again. It was nice to have some help from some new friends. Chad and May are a couple that we met when we went snow tubing with the young adults at church. Charles and Chad have a lot in common and May and I have fun when we hang out. She's super sweet! We actually hang out with them almost every weekend. They were a HUGE help with the move, across the street. LOL! We just moved to a bigger and better apartment from our other one. It's nice not sharing utilities with the neighbors and feeling safer and more secure! Evie loves it here too. She will run back and forth from the back bedroom to the living room for no reason. It's funny to watch.

I think that's about it for new stuff. OH, Charles' bday is tuesday march 31st. He said yesterday after moving that he was getting too old for all this. I laughed!!!! (and haven't stopped teasing him about that) He's a funny man! He makes me so happy... He really is an amazing husband and takes such good care of me!!! I love him!!!!!

Miss you all tons!!!!