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Thursday, April 8, 2010

FLORIDA!!! *sigh*

I know it's been some time since I have written.  Things just got a little crazy towards the end of our stay in PA...  ya know, with packing and saying goodbye and all that jazz.  We survived all the snow storms just fine.  (thanks to some wonderful people who continually gave me rides to work)  Would I do it all again?  If I had to...

Charles graduated, with HONORS, on March 19th.  It was a lovely ceremony (short) and then we celebrated with family at his favorite japanese steakhouse.  It was such an joyous time for everyone.  Even his grandmother, aunt and uncle drove down from Michigan to see him walk across the stage.  :0) 

We left Saturday morning after a few days of frantic packing and cleaning.  (thanks to Charles' sister Kim it actually got done, and to his mom and sister Elizabeth who were cheap labor)  :0)  The first day of driving was pretty easy.  We stopped in Charlotte and stayed the night in a "pet friendly" hotel that had an amazing breakfast spread!  ;0)  You know me and food.  haha!  The second day of driving was a little rainy and generally an icky day of clouds and no sun.  As soon as we drove into downtown Jacksonville, about to cross the Fuller Warren bridge, the clouds parted and sun shown brightly.  It was probably just a coincidence, but we like to think that it was a welcome home present!  :0)

We have now been home for 2 1/2 weeks.  It is finally starting to feel like we aren't just visiting.  FINALLY!!!  Charles had an interview at a custom shop on Monday and is waiting to hear if they have it in the budget to hire him.  They really want him, but they have to be able to afford him too!  I just accepted a position as the Lausanne/Cape Town 2010 Communications Executive Assistant.  Lausanne Movement is an amazing organization that I didn't know much about until recently.  I'm really excited to have this opportunity to work with some great people!  I know it will be a learning experience and I'm totally up for the challenge! 

In case you haven't heard, my mom had a bi-lateral mastectomy March 5th and starts chemo next week.  They originally thought that it wasn't aggressive and all, but the oncologist wasn't happy with the sample size of the biopsy and did more tests.  They discovered that it is aggresive and non hormone responsive.  She will have to go through 4 1/2 months of chemo incase it has spread anywhere else.  I know that she is trusting the Lord and that He is leading her and her doctors to make the right decisions.  The Lord has us here, living with my parents, for a reason!  We are trying to help out in any way we can!  My mom is a tough lady and has an amazing attitude!  She's staying positive and I think that's half the battle! 

'til next time...