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Monday, January 18, 2010

The art of NOT stressing!

I'm getting so excited about our move back to Florida!!!  OH, to be a part of something again!  To be a part of a community and family and church!  It will be amazing!  We never really felt like we fit in here.  Although we've met some amazing people, it's really just been the two of us. 

I have been starting to stress over the move back.  It's overwhelming!  Everything that has to be done... leaving here and preparing for our arrival in Florida.  I was re-reading the first part of a book called Crazy Love by Francis Chan.  In the beginning of the second chapter he says this. 

"I used to believe that in this world there are two kinds of people: natural worriers and naturally joyful people.  I couldn't really help that I was the worrying kind.  I'm a problem solver, so I have to focus on things that need fixing.  God can see that my intensity and anxiety are ministry related.  I worry because I take His work seriosly.
But then there's that perplexing command: "Rejoice in the Lord always, I will say it again: Rejoince!" (phil. 4:4).  You'll notice that it doesn't end with "...unless you're doing something extremely important."  No, it's a command for all of us, and it follows with the charge, "Do not be anxious about anything" (v.6).
That came as a pretty staggering realization.  But what I realized next was even more staggering. 
When I am comsumed by my problems--stressed out about my life, my family and my job--I actually convey the belief that I think the circumstance are more important thatn God's command to always rejoice.  In other words, that I have a "right" to disobey God becuase of the magnitude of my responsibilites.
Worry implies that we don't quite trust that God is big enough, powerful enough, or loving enough to take care of what's happening in our lives." (pages 41-42)

WOW!  That spoke volumes to me!  I know that everything is gonna be okay when we move back.  I KNOW that the Lord is going to guide us and provide for us, but by stressing over it I'm really not trusting Him.  Everything happens for a reason.  Somedays I give this to Him what seems like every five minutes.  I try to worry about it... because that's what's comfortable.  (can stress be comfortable??)  but I MUST believe Him... His Word!  I don't think that "not worrying" means not doing anything.  Things still have to be done, but I've started making lists, praying and then not letting it comsume me.  It will get done.  Charles and I will find jobs.  Things will be taken care of.  :0)  The Lord will get the GLORY!!!  He is faithful! 

Okay... so on to other things.  Charles and I are still doing p90x and mixin' it up with wii fit.  I'm having so much fun and have lost another 10 pounds!  YAY!!  I know i've lost about 2 inches from my waist and I feel so much better.  I can acutally do more of the yoga poses and feel myself getting stronger.  Why did I not do this before???  I love it and look forward to the next days workout!  Oh, how I had missed working out!  It's been too long! 

Okay, I really should start cleaning.  I don't feel like I can pack if my house isn't clean.  I know it's strange. 

Oh yeah, it's been in the forties and the snow is almost all melted.  I think we're supposed to get more soon, but it's nice when the icky stuff gets washed away and we have fresh powder!  (icky is my technical term!) 

Miss you guys!  See all you Floridians soon!  :0)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

getting ready

Charles is at school today and I'm supposed to be packing and cleaning.  I'm just so overwhelmed.  I keep thinking of all the things that I will have to do the next twomonths.  There is sooo much!  I started writing everything down so that I can remember and try not to stress, but I keep realizing there is more and more. 

Charles is an amazing packer.  I'm so thankful for that!  I hate packing and I'm just not very good at it.  It's funny how we really balance each other out.  He's good at organizing... I'm not.  I'm good with details and scheduling... he's not.  He's also very good at making me get rid of the things that I really don't need anymore.  We are hoping to really downsize everything before we go.  We are selling our fridge, stove, couches, chair, dresser, desk, and a few other things we just don't have room for. 

We have been praying that Charles and I will both find jobs right away in Florida.  I will most likely have to work for a bank again...  and Charles will probably work at a dealership.  I was thinking about going back to waitressing, but I don't think I could handle the hours again after having a normal schedule with lots of holidays.  It's really amazing how many we get a year!  Bankers!  HA!  Although I do miss the fast pace of waitressing and the fast cash! 

It's been in the 40's here for the past few days and all the snow and ice is melting.  Yay!  I think it's supposed to start snowing again tomorrow, but it will be nice to get a fresh clean start again!  It gets so yucky after a few days!  I didn't even have to turn the heat on today which is great for our electric bill!  :0) 

Anyhoo...  Florida here we come in 9 weeks from today!!  SOOOOOOO excited!!!!!!  Believing that the Lord will provide all that we need to get there and survive until we get jobs! 

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ice, Snow, Ice and Snow!

I love this picture of the icicles hanging.  This is our back porch and usually the stairs we would use.  We've had to rearrange our parking so we can use the front indoor stairs.  Everyone says the icicles are dangerous.  I can see why.

Charlie with the icicles that he was knocking down every few days.  I can't imagine what they would have looked like if he hadn't.

Our steps.  The first three had about 4 inches of ice on them.  I didn't realize it at first and sent Evie down them to go potty and she slipped.  It was funny but sad at the same time.  She wasn't hurt at all. 

Charles knocking down ice.

Charles is knocking down the ice from the second story eve.

He was having too much fun!

This is an icicle that he brought in.  This was only the middle of it.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Counting Down the Days!

9 weeks and 5 days and we will be heading home!  :0)  Charles will graduate on March 19th and we will be loading up in the truck on the 20th and driving back to sunny Florida!  Oh, how I've missed the beach... the smell of fresh cut grass... SUNSHINE!!!  Of course all of these things are secondary to my family and friends! 

I'm so proud of my hubby!!  He's graduating with honors as part of the National Technical Honor Society.  He has excelled in everything he put his hands to.  He's a tutor, a mentor, a student activities advisor, and part of the SAE.  (society of automotive engineers)  It's amazing how far he's come...  how much he's learned...  and how his dreams have grown!  I'm so thankful to the Lord for showing Charles that he could be more than what he's been told he could be his entire life!  His confidence level shot through the roof this past year!  I think he finally realized that the Lord had bigger and better plans for him.  Jeremiah 29:11

I should probably go and start packing now.

Friday, January 8, 2010

More snow pics

A few days ago.

The snow is now up over my boots... It's crazy!  We've had about 8 inches since I took this picture.

I am obsessed with how the snow covers the bushes and things. 

Charles' car. 

I love the icicles!

Evie puppy in the snow. 

Our back steps this morning.

These are the bushes ourside my work.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

More snow!!!

This is crazy!!  I love how they pile up the snow in the parking lots.  They tower over the cars!  After this pics we've had more than 6 inches!

Our door watchman.  The stone horsey isn't even recognizable!

Evie was so funny!  When she walks through the snow you can only see her back! 

Sunday, January 3, 2010



Charles and I have been talking a lot about trying to start our family...  aka baby makin' time!  LOL!  And yes, we stopped not trying.  Whether you want to call this trying or not... I don't care.  It is what it is.  We have prayed about this for the past few months and really felt like it was time.  I joined weight watchers in november to try and drop some pounds before conception and I got the p90x series for Christmas.  My first few weeks went really well and I dropped 20 pounds.  Then it was Christmas in Florida.  HA!!  It all started with a cookie and went down hill from there!!  I only gained back 6 pounds, but now I'm working my butt off to try and get back to where I was.  (by Wednesday which is weigh in time)

I am really loving my p90x videos.  They are very hard...  a lot harder than I expected, but we are determined to get through it!  Charles and I are doing them together.  (My man filled out a little the past year and wants his six pack back!!)  Last year we gained quite a bit of weight during the winter because it's too cold to do anything outside!  (Too cold for our Florida Blood!!)  Of course, Charles got rid of his by the fall, but mine seemed to stick around!  (as usual)  This was our solution...  an indoor at home workout!  I never knew YOGA was so dang difficult... I think I only made it like 20 minutes into it...  I couldn't do anymore downward dog to plank to whatever it was...  LOL! 

We were talking about what the theme for 2009 was and what our theme for 2010 will be.  We felt like 2009 was a - realizing the future and stepping out into the unknown - year.  It was a year of learning to trust the Lord and EACH OTHER!!  I feel so much closer to my husband and more dependant on the Lord!  The Lord's faithfulness through this season has been what we have held onto!  His love, His embrace, His strength, His wisdom!  Charles says the theme for 2010 should be "bundles of joy!"  LOL!!  Can you tell he wants a baby???  We decided we would continue to pray and seek the Lord about this year... the vision. 

Can I just take a moment here to say how much I love my Charlie??  He is amazing!  I know I say that all the time, but I'm just so in awe of who he is...  how much he loves me...  how much fun we have together!  We've got a good thing going.  I'm blessed!!!  He sees me like the world could never see! 

I'm so happy right now!  Oh, and we're back in Florida in 11 weeks!  I think I should start packing!!  :0)


Charles and I woke to a very cold morning! This is on our way to
church!! Too bad the heat wouldn't come on in the truck!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Winter Pics!

My Evie puppy hangin out in the snow.  She looks yellow compared to the fresh fluff on the ground!

This is the view from our back balcony.  Gorgeous when the snow first falls!

Our plum tree... 

They call me "NANOOK!"

Its been so long

Hey guys! Sorry for the delay in updates. Casey and I have been a little slacking lately. We have been getting caught up in work, school, and each other a bit too much lately. The stress of being away from friends and family, and the stress of managing our money,(what little we have), and the stress of trying to figure out what the future will hold has been getting to us. We aren't letting that overcome us though. We are pushing through and striving to win this race. We are looking forward to coming back to Florida in just a short time. 11 weeks left!!! WoooHoooo! Can't wait to be back in the sunshine where we belong. I, (Charles), am hoping to start a job at a prestigious Lexus dealership in Orange Park which is just outside of Jacksonville. Casey and I are moving into her parents house once we are done here so that we can get our feet under us. This was just the only solution, but it seems to be the best. We will be able to save a lot of money and be able to start looking for a house to buy/rent. I'm also looking to maybe hook up with a local race team to start learning more about my favorite area. I'm going to be doing work on a friend of mine's car. He's handing me the keys, and a decent check with the vision of turning it into a rally car. Going to be a lot of fun. Pics will be uploaded, I promise. Then there is the Z. Poor Zenith. She has been left sitting outside for so long that she is starting to look like a junkyard dog. No worries though. The plans for her are great and many. 1000HP anyone? Casey decided to finally get back to painting this year. She came up with some awesome ideas and pulled a few of them off. This Christmas I think that she might have outdone herself though. She made it her quest to make every member of her immediate family cry this year. She exceeded her goal (except for her brother of course). She painted her father a painting of a picture of his father. Sorry if thats confusing. She painted her mother a light house, and she painted her brother a green scene. He lives in Spokane, WA now and sees very little green during the winter. They were all very happy with what we did for them for christmas. I pulled some artistic strings as well and drew cars for several people and pinstriped a bottle for my older sister who is into the whole pin-up girl, hot rod style of things.

Got another unexpected surprise this Christmas too. My younger sister, who just got married without anyone's knowledge, to a guy nobody has even met, who already has a kid that she is in a custody battle over, is now pregnant once again. So yay I guess.

----Start Rant
I have no issue with the fact that she's pregnant. Please believe me when I say that. I love my little sister dearly and wish only the best for her. But I hate seeing people that I am personally close to making stupid decisions that I can't fix. Its not just her, there are other people in my life making equally stupid decisions that I can't stand behind or fix. I'll support her in whatever she does. But I can't endorse it. If that makes sense. Yeah, they're married, yeah they're consenting adults, but they are barely making it on his pay as a member of the military. She is one of the smartest indivuals I know when it comes to book smarts, she could have been so great, and now instead of pursuing an end to her college education, she is making children. I know college isn't for everyone, but it was for her.
----End Rant

My other little sister is trying to get involved with an older guy. She's 15 and he's 22. Anything wrong with that? Anybody? Tell ME Please?? My mother seems to have no issue with him coming over and hanging out as long as she's there. He helps around the house, he influences my sister to do what she should be doing without influence in the first place. But......... According to my mom, he's a little off.

-----Start Rant
OFF? OFF?!!! What do you mean by off??? Off mentally? Off physically? Does his family have a past of psychosomatic behavior? Is he a child molester? Evidently, cuz he didn't run when my little sister told him that she was 15. Something wrong there. Okay, not something, EVERYTHING! Then my mom tried to relate their relationship to mine and Casey's. Unh Unh. No maam. Our relationship is fine because we are both consenting adults.Underline that last word there. ADULTS. We made the decision to be with each other. This is another one of those decisions that I can't fix and that I can't come in the way of, and I can't stop. I love them to death, but I don't want to hear that my little sister has been found in a few pieces in the back of this guy's car.
------End Rant

Sorry for the blatant emotion that I am putting into this blog. I have only Casey and my older sister to relate this to. They both feel the same way, so they are easy to agree with.

Other happenings in our life, we stopped NOT trying to get pregnant. No more birth control--fail--, no more rubberized feeling stealers (Condoms), no more nothing. We are excited to start the next leg of our adventure together. Anybody got any great ideas for the name of our next dog? We are considering maybe a boxer, or maybe a bichon/terrier mix? Could be fun. We still have Evie and she is a lot of fun. She's pretty much my dog now. Our little cat Sachi is completely out of her mind. She has no idea what 5:30 in the morning means to Casey. I'm up already, but the cat seems to want to play with casey. Its so funny. She learned how to meow while we were gone and now can't seem to stop. Caterwauling is now her new favorite past time. She plays with these little strings a lot. They come from one of Casey's favorite rugs. She has learned to pull them out whenever she wants a new one. When she is done with them, she puts them into her water bowl and refuses to drink until we empty it out. Kinda annoying. But she is fun to have around.

On to school/work things. Casey got the full time position that she was hankerin for. It came with a little bit better pay, better insurance, and some other awesome stuff. She got offered a really awesome position within the branch that she is in, but because we are leaving in a few months, she can't take it. They really like her up here. I have been doing exceedingly well at school. I got inducted into the NTHS this summer. The National Technical Honor Society(NTHS) is a pretty prestigious achievement. It took me carrying a 95%or higher for the total of 5 class segments, less than 4 attendance infractions, and a teacher recommendation. I got all of those and busted my butt to get them. This means that I am among the best and brightest at the school. Only 12 out of 400 students were awarded this. Pretty cool. I get to wear some awesome ropes around my neck and a sweet sash as well when I graduate. I also just got awarded an outstanding student award for the last class that I was in. Thats pretty cool as well.

Well that wraps it up for us right now. We want to wish all of those reading this a Happy New Year, and we want you to know that we love and miss you all.

From Casey: Charles is so funny!! I love that he can vent here too and not just to me. We had a couple of scares the past few months with Charles' funding. First they said that we didn't have enough left in our loans to pay for the last 3 month course. They were able to take the remainder from our rent and living check that we get each month. About a month later they said that we got denied for our rent and living check because someone put our PA address as our permanent address and that they wont furnish the check to people who live within 60 miles of the school. Wait, NO, your permanent address is in Florida! After a week of not knowing whether we would be home in December or March we finally heard that the rent and living check had come through! Praise the LOrd!! I woke up that weekend (we were finding out on Monday) singing a song that says: "Because of Who You are I give You glory. Because of who You are I give You priase. Because of Who You are I will lift my hands and sing, I will worship You because of Who You are. Jehovah Jireh, You're my Provider. Jehovah Nissi, Lord you reign in victory. Jehovah Shaalom, You are my Prince of Peace. And I worship You because of Who You are." We had overwhelming peace then that everything was going to be okay... that the Lord knew our situation and that whatever happened was what was best. He gave me a scripture too that said something like Praise the Lord! He is great and abundant in strength. His understanding is infinite. I think this time here in PA has been really good for us... learning to trust the Lord more and more each day! And learning to trust each other... that's really important too!

Christmas with family was amazing! I think after being gone so long you start to really appreciate what is important to you. I'm so excited to be home again in March!

Okay, that's all from me... Happy new year! :0)