This is us... We strive to love... we love to laugh... we are trying to live life to the fullest! ...This is our ADVENTURE!!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Let it snow!

So Charles and I got to play in the snow today! We had so much fun! We through snow balls and took a walk around the block just being silly! He taught me a few things and I learned a few on my own. For instance, it is smart to tuck your jeans inside your boots if you're going to be walking in the snow... otherwise you end up with wet jeans! Also, you should tuck your scarf inside your jacket... otherwise you end up with a wet scarf! Plus it's hard to pick up snow balls if everytime you bend over your scarf is in your way and dragging on the ground! :0) We had tons of fun!

This is Jed and Maxine (our cars) early this morning when it has just started snowing.

I was attempting to get Charles to come closer so I could through this snowball at him... it didn't work, but I got him later!

Our street...

He's so cute!

So I guess we're having a great time so far! Our Neighbors are from Ohio and don't really care about the snow. He thought I was crazy this morning when I was all excited and giddy! Yes, I was like a little kid! We miss all of our friends and family down in the sunny Florida, but this really is our little adventure! We love you all!!!


Casey and Charles!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Podunk Pennsylvania~~

Charles and I were so blessed to have an amazing trip up here. I think we brought Florida weather with us. (70 degrees on saturday) It was a gorgeous drive, long but beautiful! No snow and no ice made for a safe trip. We had to take a detour when we got into PA that was a tiny little windy road with steep hills and stuff. There's no way we could have made that in the snow and ice safely! Praise the Lord! The next morning it was 69 degrees when we woke up at 7am and it quickly dropped to 40 through the day. It's amazing how the Lord blesses us! We had prayed for weeks for safe driving weather and we couldn't have asked for better!

We love our new home! We've been putting stuff away since the night we got here and there's still a lot to do. It's nice to have space to put our stuff and a basement for storage. I've always been afraid of basements.... guess i need to get over that! I got the stomache flu last night and haven't gotten out of bed all day. Charles has been amazing taking care of me! And he's been putting stuff away like a mad man. He's actually a pretty good decorator! We are excited because it's our first home that's ours together first. Our apartment in cocoa was mine before we were married so he really didn't have much hand in decorating. I'm so thankful for him and all that he does! How in the world did I get so blessed!?!

My parents totally blessed us and took us shopping yesterday at walmart. They spent over $400 stocking our pantry and making sure we had what we needed. They are truly amazing! I think they're worried we might get snowed in and not have any food!

We decided last minute to bring our dog Evie with us. We were kinda worried how she would do away from my parents dogs and in the cold, but I think she's loving the attention! She doesn't seem to mind the cold... infact, she's a little more frisky than usual. Of course charles has been spoiling her like crazy... letting her sleep in the bed and giving her treats! She is adorable! She was my dog for 6 years before Charles came around and I think she loves him more. LOL!

Our camera batteries are dead right now, but we're planning on posting pics soon. We miss everyone in Florida so much! Hopefully we'll be done in the spring to say hello! Hope you are all doing well!


Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Very Merry Christmas!

Charles and I have had an amazing day with my family. We had my mom's famous breakfast casserole this morning. Cousin Kay came over for B-fast and to open gifts with us. We got so many cool things! My parents did way too much as usual! Charles couldn't wait to get outside with his new airsoft gun. I have to admit that it is really fun to shoot! Him and my big bro set up coke cans and had shooting practice.

My mom's entire family was at my aunts house tonight for dinner and gift exchange. It was really cool to have everyone together. (All 4 sibilings and their children, my cousins) My little cousins (Amaya was the flower girl in our wedding) are cuter than ever! Of course there was way too much food and goodies to eat! It was great to see everyone right before we leave and to say goodbye. I'm gonna miss them!

We leave early tomorrow morning for my Aunt and Uncle's in GA. That will be our first leg of this journey to PA. We're trying to make it to our new home before dark on Saturday night. Which, by the way, the sun sets at like 4:45pm. LOL!

Anyhoo, excited about our new adventure! We'll keep you posted!


Monday, December 22, 2008

This Florida Boy and Girl...

So, I've lived in Florida my entire life. I've never been more than 30 minutes away from the nearest beach. I love the ocean, I love the warm weather, I love the 75 degree winters. :0) I love it all... but this Florida Girl is saying goodbye to the warm weather and her sandy beaches and saying hello to the white fluffy snow. That's right, we're moving to Pennsylvania.... and in the middle of December. LOL!!

Although Charles is from Florida he spent a year or two in Michigan. This makes him a little better prepared for this move than I. Even though I don't know what to expect, I'm totally excited about it! I know that this move is going to be amazing for us both! He's going to Wyotech and doing what he loves... I get to be supportive and stand by my man... experiencing things I've never before!! It's our adventure! ...and we're totally stoked!!

Right now we are sorta homeless. LOL! We packed up our home in cocoa and are in transit to PA. We get to spend Christmas with my family and then will leave the day after. This is our time to rest and relax and visit with friends before we leave. It's nice to have this time! :0)

Anyhoo, we'll keep you posted!! :0)