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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


So it’s the middle of July and the temp gets down to 49 degrees at night. Everyone here says this isn’t typical, but I (Casey) wouldn’t know different. It’s been gorgeous here as of late… Sunny and warm (during the day it gets to the mid 70’s - 80’s). I’m loving my sunshine… I don’t know how people live in places that don’t get much! Can you tell I miss Florida???

Speaking of Florida, Charles and I were able to come down for a week in June to see family and friends. It was a crazy whirlwind of a trip, but much needed! Every minute was planned out with meeting people and trying to cram some quality time. I wish I could have seen more people. It wouldn’t have been possible without the help of my parents who not only bought our tickets down there, but also helped supplement my paycheck for the days that I would have to take off work. My mom also let us use her car while we were there so we could drive to Ocala and Cocoa to see our peeps there. My parents keep blowing us away with how much they have helped us!! They are amazing!! Anne and Steve were a huge help too and gave us a generous check to help settle our minds about money. That was a huge surprise and I’m so grateful for them!! I can’t wait for the day that Charles and I will be able to be financial blessers too!! Someone’s in need???… no thought, just write a check!!! … letting the Lord lead us. We’re believing for that day!

Thank you to all of you who gave up time, work, money or even a room in your house for Charlie and I to come down and stay in Florida and to get to see you! You all mean the world to us! We can’t wait to be surrounded by all of you again! It looks like we only have 9 more months before we’ll be leaving PA. Of course, we’re praying and believing for a job offer for Charles in Florida… and close to Jacksonville, but we are willing to go where the Lord leads.

Work is going well for me. I feel more and more competent at my job everyday. (which is a very good thing) It’s been 5 months since I started and I’m just now starting to be able to talk to customers about products and services while doing the transactions. This job really is harder than it seems. There’s also so much fraudulent things happening that you have to almost be nosey with the customers to make sure that they aren’t victims of fraud. (or trying to commit fraud) I don’t think the banking world is right for me, but it is good for now and good to learn something new!

I’m finally painting again!!! (YAY!!!!) My landlady put up my paintings in her store and on her website and is actively trying to sell them. I’ve sold one so far and hopefully will sell them all!!! I realized that I was created to create and I need to use my gifts!! I want to be productive with my hands… I need to be! I have felt so distant from myself if that makes any sense at all. I didn’t really feel like me…. I hate having to be a part of corporate America to make any money and I want to get back to what I enjoy and what my talents are… so I’m finally painting again. :0) (I’ll try to stay off my soapbox)

Now I just need to start playing guitar and singing again…. Charles has been a huge encouragement in getting me to do the things that I love so much! I’m so thankful for him!!

Charles is doing amazing in school still! He’s finished his core and is now working on his first elective. He comes home with stories of what cars he was able to work on and how much he’s learning. I love seeing him so motivated and driven. I know that coming up here was a huge confidence booster for him. He’s in his niche and it’s such an empowering thing. I’m proud to be his wife!!! He is an amazing husband!

***Correction to previous post*** I had said that Charles is helping found the student chapter of the SAE (standard for automotive excellence) at wyotech… I was mistaken. It is actually the Society of Automotive Engineers. He’s still helping found it, I just had the name wrong.

Ok, well, I think that about sums up life here for now. Really not too much new. I’ll try to keep updating and being a little better about how often I do update things!!!

We miss you and love you FLORIDIANS!!!! (and others) :0)