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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Blizzard = stay home and pack!

For the past month I've been saying that I just wanted to experience one blizzard.  Just one or two days where it snows so much that everything shuts down.  Well, I got my wish!  Friday afternoon it started snowing and didn't let up until saturday morning.  We got approximately 20 inches and they declared it a state of emergency.  If you were caught out driving around you could get a ticket.  It was crazy. 

Charles and I decided to walk up to the store down the road.  We had so much fun playin' in it!  The walk back, cold and wet, was even fun!  We have spent the entire weekend packing and cleaning and just spending time together.  It's been amazing!  I love my Charlie! 

There are boxes everywhere in the house and the fact that we are leaving seems more and more real!  I can't believe it's here!!!  Florida has missed us I'm sure!  LOL!   I know we have missed Florida!  6 weeks from today we should be there!!  Starting to get settled in!  :0) 

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  1. So you're the reason for all this snow! LOL I'm really looking forward to you coming back to Florida. There will be more sunshine with you around! And it's always best to just be with each other when you're first starting out, it really creates a strong bond. ;))