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Saturday, June 12, 2010

The FLORIDA Sun!!!

We have been in Florida for about 2 1/2 months now.  It's so nice to be home!!  Charles has started working with a friend of ours doing landscaping until he finds something in his field. I know that he's happy to finally be working!  I am loving my job and learning more everyday!  I'm so thankful for this opportunity to be involved in missions again and ultimately something much MUCH bigger than me and my little world! 

Just a quick update on my mom.  She finished her first round of chemo and came through it pretty well.  She had bronchitus caused by the chemo that lasted what seemed like forever.  We are thankful that the worst drugs are over now and she has a month off.  To celebrate, my parents are flying to Spokane WA to see my brother and then going on a Alaskan Cruise!  They are so funny!!  I love my parents!  When they return my mom starts round 2 of twelve chemo treatmens.  They say that these are much easier than the last and we are believing for it to go smoothly.

I'm so thankful for this place in our lives.  The Lord is proving Himself faithful to us!  He is providing all that we need!  Charles and I are learning more and more everyday and growing closer to the Lord.  It certainly is not an easy place to be in, but it's a good place!  I'm thankful for my amazing husband who treats me so well!  I never could have dreamed up a better man for me!  He truly is a gift from God!!! 

As soon as Charles and I get our own place we would love to have friends come visit!  Now that he's working it won't be too long!  We love you all!!! 


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